Cancellation Policy

We are sorry to see you go and wish you all the luck moving forward.

Before you go, please take the following into account to see if your problem can be addressed:

Can I cancel my subscription early even if I have time remaining on my contract?

Yes, you can cancel your services with Kydos! early, however, Kydos! does not prorate your bill if you cancel before your contract is up. We require a 15-day notice prior to the selected cancellation date and you will be charged for your full contractual rate until your contract term is over.

If your business becomes no longer operational while in a Kydos! contract, we will dissolve the contract at no continued expense to you.

I or my team don’t know how to send out review requests, can we cancel our Kydos! subscription?

Sending out review requests is easy once you know how! At Kydos!, we want to empower you to take your business to the next level and can train you and your team on how to effectively use Kydos! Contact your account manager today and they will set up a training time with you and your company.

My contract term is up, can I renew at a discounted rate?

You may be eligible for a discounted rate if you have fulfilled your contract and are willing to sign a new contract with us. Contact your account manager today to see if you are eligible for a discounted rate.

I’m not seeing the results I wanted, can I cancel my subscription?

Kydos! review requests have a response rate of 30 percent. If you are not seeing the results you expected, contact your account manager today. You account manager can help you analyze your response rates and increase your numbers so you are getting more reviews than ever.

Still want to cancel your subscription with Kydos!?

To cancel your subscription, send an email to requesting your service be cancelled. Your account manager will reach out to you within 3 business days. Phone calls and messages within Kydos! support will not be accepted as a cancellation request. Please remember we require a 15-day notice prior to the selected cancellation date, and that we do not prorate your bill if you cancel early.

Please know, you are solely responsible for cancelling your subscription with Kydos!

Upon cancellation, all your content will be immediately inaccessible. After 30 days, all content will be permanently deleted from our systems, logs, and backups. This information will not be able to be recovered once deleted.

Please Note:

Kydos! has the right to terminate or suspend your account and refuse service at any time and for any reason. We retain the right to deactivate or delete your account and information and deny you access for any reason at any time.

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