So Why Choose Kydos?

As a business owner, you know that online reviews are replacing word-of-mouth marketing, and you may be wondering which review platform will work best for your business. While there are different platforms out there, Kydos is the one many business owners prefer because it specializes in online reviews. Kydos focuses its all attention on getting you the reviews you need to spread the word about your company and increase your customer base.

Avoid the Jack of All Trades Trap

You’ve heard the saying before. At Kydos, we believe your online review management software should do just that — prompt online reviews via text message/SMS and email and then consolidate those reviews in one convenient place. Kydos cuts out the confusion and unnecessary features that many others incorporate into their platforms, so you stay focused on growing your business with reviews. No need to learn about 50 features or forget to request reviews because it’s prompting you to do 10 other things. Kydos gives you an easy-to-use platform that helps you focus on one thing – winning over customers with online reviews.

With Kydos, you’ll experience a dedicated platform focused entirely on reviews. This allows stream-lined review management without the risk of poorly functioning features or muddled interfaces. Other software becomes bulky and spreads itself across too many different objectives, while Kydos maintains a single focus to get the job done.

Kydos Features

Online reviews are essential for any business. Sometimes asking for these reviews can be difficult, but Kydos makes it easy to collect them with requests via both email and text message/SMS. We also provide customized feedback forms, a review & respond dashboard, and ongoing customer support.

We know how hard you work on your business, and how much effort you put into your clients having a good experience. Kydos puts the power back into your hands to easily and more effectively engage with your client base and what they’re saying about you and your business. When a negative review happens (let’s face it, they do) we have the tools to help get you the feedback you need to solve the problem, without it hurting your online reputation. 

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