Why Attorneys Should Manage Their Law Firm Reviews

Improve Your Law Firm Reviews Using a Review Management Software to Get More Clients to Call

Before there were law firm reviews online, attorneys had to rely solely on word-of-mouth recommendations from their clients to establish a good name. Friends and family members would refer a law firm to their friends and the cycle would continue. Flash forward to today’s time – people can now simply go online and read law firm reviews to help them make an informed decision about which law firm they should choose.

While many attorneys still prefer the old-fashioned way of doing business, your law firm’s online reviews are an important aspect of your business’s reputation that needs to be properly managed. Still not convinced that law firm reviews matter? We would now like to bring into evidence three reasons why online reviews should matter to your law firm.

Online Reviews Establish Credibility

It’s no secret that lawyers are in a highly competitive job field. With so many law firms out there, it can be difficult to make a name for yourself. And if you’re an attorney, you’ve probably heard the jokes with the punchlines that have to do with how lawyers are deceptive and untrustworthy. While jokes aren’t meant to be taken seriously, they have created a negative stereotype about attorneys that makes people more critical on which law firm they should choose.

When you have positive and current law firm reviews online from previous clients, you are establishing a credible reputation for you, as an attorney, and your law firm. The more credible your law firm seems; the more likely people will call you. Be sure you are asking clients to leave a review on your law firm listing so that your online reviews grow and stay current.

Consumers Use Reviews to Narrow Down Their Choices

Let’s step away from law firms for a moment and just talk about consumers in general. When consumers are looking for the best product or service on the market, they rely on online reviews to help them decide which brand or company to choose. The more reviews a business has, the more customers have interacted with that company. If a company has hundreds of positive online reviews, a shopper will feel more inclined to think that they too will have a positive experience.

Sure, that’s consumer mentality when it comes to buying a product or service online, but it works the same way for law firms. When potential clients are looking at law firms, the quantity of positive reviews a law firm has will make them feel more inclined to trust that law firm. If everyone else had a positive experience then they should too, right?

Helps Potential Clients Get to Know Your Law Firm Better

When people are looking for legal assistance, they are probably going through a very stressful and overwhelming situation. The last thing they want is to attorney servicesschedule an appointment with a law firm that they don’t know anything about. When people read quality online reviews from your previous clients, they can get a good idea about what to expect and the kind of attorney they will be working with. The more connected a potential client feels to your law firm, the more likely they will choose you over the other law firms in town.

So, you now know the importance of having plenty of online reviews for your business, but the biggest question is how do you get all of those law firm reviews? With Kydos! as your review management platform, you are able to send out review requests via email or text and manage all your reviews from more than 40 review platforms on a single dashboard. Improve your online law firm reviews by getting Kydos! for your office today.

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