New Opportunities Presented as Catapult Expands to the LA Tech Park – Where Creative Meets Technology

Expanding into the Louisiana Technology Park, Catapult Creative Media opens up a second location with a new leasing contract this week.

So Why the Second Outpost?Kydos! is an online reputation management company

Co-founders of Catapult Creative Media Inc. David Maples and Virginia Huling, along with their team of creative engineers, have been working hard the last few months to launch their new business division, Kydos!

After 10 years in the digital advertising and marketing industry, Maples noticed that businesses were struggling with capturing the all-important and wanted user reviews. In response to the challenge, Catapult developed Kydos!, an online reputation management service that will turn the tide for business owners everywhere.

Kydos! and the Big Move

As a new division of Catapult Creative Media Inc., Maples and Huling thought it was best to give Kydos! a space of its own. The new location, which will house the 10 new recruits, will allow employees to focus specifically on the Kydos! service. The LA Tech Park office space that Kydos! is now stationed in can comfortably fit 30 employees, which allows for expansion over time.

Kydos! partnered with the LA Tech Park because of its opportunities The Online Reputation Management Service You Need in a Convenient Location

In keeping with Catapult’s advertising and online technology focus, Kydos! is a new service that allows business owners to better control their online reputation. While Catapult focuses on helping businesses with building their brand and presence in the online sphere, Kydos! will allow companies to better manage their online reputation with user-friendly software and dedicated agents.

Maples and Huling are both excited to be establishing a base for Kydos! in the LA Tech Park where their new business venture can be launched.

“I’m excited for the scaling flexibility that the LA Tech Park provides. With our projections of Kydos!’s growth, the ability to move into larger spaces without penalty costs or lease breaks is amazing,” says Huling. She also loves the access to different sized conference rooms for meetings and educational purposes.

With all that the LA Tech Park provides and the added bonus of keeping the company local in Baton Rouge, the choice to put Kydos! in the Tech Park was a no-brainer and the best strategic option for Catapult Creative Media Inc.

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