3 Ways Online Reviews Boost Your Business

Reviews Are the Key to Improving Your Bottom Line

Think back to the last time you made a purchase. Did you use online reviews to help you make that decision to buy? Online reviews are now crucial to your business’ success. Although they may seem like an afterthought, they not only build trust with your consumers but also improve your local search rating. When it comes to customers, proving why you deserve their business is key. This idea comes in the form of customer reviews, displayed proudly for others to see.

Reviews are a primary source of sales when they are put on your website or an advertisement, as they will be the first supporting source customers come across in the decision-making process. They can also reinforce the purchase decision. Reviews let your customers know about your company and whether you would be a good fit for the job they need to be done. At the same time, reviews will challenge or verify that a consumer is making a good decision when seeking out a product or a service. Here are three reasons why online reviews are crucial to boosting your business.

Customers Trust You MoreTrusting customers thanks to online reviews

Reviews are the first thing consumers will look at before making a purchase decision. According to Forbes.com, 90 percent of consumers will look for recommendations prior to visiting a business. At the same time, reviews act as recommendations for other consumers. Ninety-three percent of consumers will read reviews of a business to determine if that business is good or bad. A survey conducted by Statista in April 2017 indicated 41 percent of consumers will look at online reviews most of the time. Most importantly, reviews are a profile of what customers are saying about you right now.

Online Reviews = Your Reputation

Reviews are also a snapshot of your online reputation. When more people leave reviews online, you appear more connected to your digital presence. As we’ve previously covered in our blog posts about positive and negative reviews, there are ways to respond to both types of reviews to boost your reputation. Positive reviews will also insulate you from a negative customer experience. When you have 20 positive reviews for every one negative one, customers are less likely to see that one negative critique, or at least, consider it less. The more vocal customers are about how well you have done a job, the more frequently they will return.

Reinforce Purchase Decisionscustomer purchasing after looking at online reviews

Customers are more likely to call you when you have positive reviews. Reviews let customers know more about you and see if other people like you. When readily available to the customer, reviews will help speed up sales. Customers will be more likely to pick up the phone and call you. When customers think you’re a trusted company, they’ll spend less time wavering on whether or not to buy from you. As a result, reviews will reinforce the customer’s relationship with you after the sale.


Overall, reviews are the most important thing to make your business and build your brand. They are all about helping you make money and sell more. In addition, reviews are just as good as word of mouth for many customers. Having reviews online will show prospective and returning customers why you deserve their business now, and why you deserve it in the future.

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