Acknowledging the Good – Responding to Positive Reviews

Responding to Positive Reviews Can Positively Impact Your Business. Don’t Ignore the Good Reviews.

Businesses are known for responding to bad reviews. Trying to turn a bad experience into a positive one by apologizing and correcting the problem is a very smart thing to do as a business. However, not many business owners take the time to respond to positive reviews from loyal and happy customers. Thinking they are already content, businesses go on to give their attention to the less than satisfied customers.

Not taking the time to respond to happy customers though can be a mistake. Customers who are pleased with your business can be your biggest advertisers when encouraged. When you put forth the effort to respond to those negative reviews, make sure you also take the time to respond to positive reviews as well, you may be surprised with the results.

Spread the WordPeople who leave positive reviews are more likely to recommend you to friends

“I love your ____! Where did you get it?”

Recognize the conversation above? People ask this common question when they see something they like. They want to know where their friend or family member got an item so they too can get an item just like it. Customers who have great experiences with a business are more likely to recommend that business to their friends and family.

If you extend a positive buying experience a little further, you may gain a brand advocate. Simply saying thank you or asking how they are liking the item after they have a chance to use it can show the customer you care about their satisfaction. Not only will they be happy with the product or service you provided, but your customer will also know that you care about their continued experience. When it’s the customer’s turn to answer their friend or family member, they may not only mention the name of your business but become a brand advocate for you by gushing about your brand and overall service.

“I got it at _____. Their stuff is awesome and they’re super nice too. They actually care about their customers. Would definitely recommend.”

Keep Them Coming Back with More Reviews

Your repeat customers, or customers who return to purchase from you again and again, are your biggest asset. Taking a few seconds to comment on something specific they liked about the product or service or answer a question they have can make them feel special and turn you into the go-to company. When they need another house cleaning or another dress for a specific occasion, they’ll remember you and your response and come back to you once again.

In addition to returning for another service or product, they may leave you another review on a different platform or update their existing review to reflect their consistent great experience. Repeat customers are great for business because you don’t have to work nearly as hard to get them as you do for new customers. Take the time to respond to a great review and gain a loyal customer for life who will continue to write positive reviews about you.

Encourage Engagement and Build TrustPositive reviews encourage engagement with your brand

As a business, the more positive reviews you get, the more likely potential customers are willing to trust your brand and buy from your company. And the more people feel like they will be listened to, the more likely they are to talk.

Responding to positive reviews allows the people who wrote them to feel special and shows others that you are engaging with your customers. Knowing that you take the time to read and talk to your customers will encourage others to leave reviews of their own. The more customers leaving positive reviews about your business in the hopes that you will talk to them as well, the better your rating will be and the more customers will trust and buy from your company.

Responding to negative reviews in order to turn a bad experience into a positive one is extremely important to minimize brand damage but responding to positive reviews is equally important. Keep your happy customers feeling special long after the sale by responding to their positive feedback and watch them spread the word, come back for more, and engage with your brand more often.

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