SEO Essentials and How Reviews Affect Ranking

A Low Star Ranking or Too Few Reviews Can Affect Your Ranking on Search Engine Results Pages.

A Brief Explanation of SEO

In simple terms, search engines collect information from every page on the web and index those pages. Then, they use algorithms to determine the pages’ rankings. A high ranking on search pages is essential to gain customers and sell more goods or services.

The list of determining factors for where your site ranks on Google is pretty long, reportedly over 200 factors. Some of those factors are known, some are controversial, and some are speculation. However, we do know some for sure. Some tactics to raise your ranking are implemented by your web design or content team when building or revamping your website or writing blogs and other content. Some factors are based on the specific user or location of the user when the search takes place.

While some of these factors may seem out of your control, one isn’t. The reputation of your business is a large piece of where you fall in search results. How do you manage your online reputation? Simple—take a look at your online reviews.

How Reviews Affect Your Ranking and Sales

Reviews on a Computer Ranking Sites

While Google doesn’t define how much reviews affect local search and search results, we do know it’s a factor they consider. On Google’s own support page, it states, “Google review count and score are factored into local search ranking: more reviews and positive ratings will probably improve a business\’s local ranking.” Google also states that “high-quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility.”

It’s safe to say that Google is paying attention to your reviews and adjusting your rank based on them. While Google cares about your star ranking, it’s not the only thing they care about. According to a case study by Search Engine Land, the number of reviews for a business impacted ranking as much or more than the overall star ranking did. At this point, you may be asking why Google cares so much about what people have to say about your business, so let’s explore that next.

Woman reviewing a businessWhy Google Cares About Reviews

Google has always strived for quality search results that meet the expectations of users and provides the information they are looking for. If that’s the case, then who better to tell Google what they want than the users themselves? Cue the reviews!

It’s not enough to say your business is great, which is why others have to vouch for your business too. Online is no different—Google doesn’t trust you; they trust your customers. Online reviews are another way consumers can vouch for a business or product. In the same way a business owner places value in a current employee’s recommendation for a new hire, Google’s algorithm places value on a customer review. Google places more trust in the consumer than in the business, and it uses those reviews to determine if the company’s website is meeting the needs of the consumer.

If you have a lot of current positive reviews, then Google will think you are satisfying customers and will continue to do so in the future, too. If customers review your business on a regular basis and those reviews are trending positive, Google can see that not only is your business real, but also that consumers are having positive interactions with your brand. At the same time, low-scoring reviews tell Google you aren’t meeting the expectations of your customers, and your ranking may drop as a result.

The Solution to Get More Positive Reviews? Kydos!

Kydos’ software is designed specifically with reviews in mind. Our software platform allows you to prompt consumers to leave your business a review. If so, they are routed to the review site you choose. Whether you need reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, or any other review site, our software allows you to gain more positive reviews where you need them for your business.

Kydos also allows you to track reviews from multiple sites on one simple dashboard. You can read and respond to reviews from your desktop or mobile device, which also helps your search engine ranking. Kydos makes the process of gaining more reviews—and responding to negative ones—as easy as one, two, three.

Once you begin to use Kydos, your online reviews and star ranking can begin to increase, which will allow your website to rank higher and be found more often for local search and organic searches. If you are interested in taking the stress out of online reputation management, call Kydos and speak with one of our brand strategists today!

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