How to Properly Set Up a Google My Business Account

Set Up Your Google My Business Account the Right Way to Attract More Customers

Google My Business is one of the most important platforms to have if you want to build your online presence and get found on the map. Literally. The Google platform not only provides potential buyers the information they need to know about your business but it also helps people easily locate where your business is located. Claiming your business on Google also instantly provides users with information they need about your business such as store hours and consumer reviews.

When customers are looking for a place that is near them, they are more than likely looking to buy something that day. To be sure that your business is visible to consumers who are ready to make a purchase, follow these four easy steps to properly set up your Google My Business account.

Step One: Create Your AccountCreate your Google My Business Account

This may sound fairly obvious, but it is the first step to creating a local listing on Google. Before you jump into creating an account, be sure you are signing into a gmail account that you use for your company and not a personal account since Google My Business is for your company. Once you sign in to your company gmail, you can create your account here.

You will then be prompted to fill out some of your business information. After you check to make sure the information is correct and submit your information, you will then officially have a Google My Business profile for your company. Hooray!

Step Two: Verify Your Business

To prevent complete strangers or competitors from creating a Google My Business account under your company’s name, Google requires you to verify that you are part of the company.

To verify that your business is real and that it has real location where people can visit, Google will mail a code to your business location, which may take a few days. While you may be eager to have your Google listing up online instantly, completing verification is important to provide your customers with an accurate address.

Step Three: Add Details About Your BusinessAdd details to your Google My Business Account

Once you have verified your business by putting the code that Google sent you into your account, you are ready to get started on your Google My Business account. Google will offer to give you a quick tour on how to use the dashboard and how to navigate through your account. Once you take the tour, you will then be prompted to add more information about your business that would be helpful to customers to know.

This is the step where you’re able to personalize your account and add information for customers such as the company’s phone number, website, pictures, and hours. The more information you provide, the easier customers are able to access the details they need to make a purchasing decision.

Step Four: Get Online Reviews

Having online reviews is the final step in having a well-oiled Google My Business profile. Customers will rely on the online reviews when they are making purchasing decisions to know their money will be well-spent at your business. The more positive online reviews a business has, the more attractive the business will be compared to its competitors.

The hardest part about this step is getting your customers to review your business on your Google listing. To get more reviews from actual customers faster and more effectively, get Kydos!

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