Make an Impact in Your Marketplace by Being on These 5 Review Platforms

Making an impact in your marketplace isn’t hard when you have the right tools. For customers everywhere, one thing matters above all else – what other customers are saying about your business, products, or service.

That’s right, an online review is worth just as much as a friend’s recommendation nowadays, and it’s time jump on the flight path of that rocket to increase your company’s sales. But where are your customers looking for those reviews that will make them feel more confident in buying from you?

The 5 Review Platforms Customers Use to Judge Your Business

Google My Business  Google is the most popular review platform

With more than 3.5 billion searches a day for services, products, reviews, questions, and more, Google My Business is a must for your company. Since Google is the go-to search engine for most people, it’s a no-brainer that your business needs to be listed on here with accurate information. When searching for products or services, customers should see your company pop up first with a healthy number of reviews to back up your amazing products, services, and customer service.

This review platform is especially important for local companies as Google uses an algorithm, or specific formula based on many factors, to improve local search results. Google’s algorithm directs people toward businesses near them when they search for a particular service or product.


Facebook is no slouch when it comes to users. Currently standing at 2.19 billion active users a month, Facebook is still the go-to social media platform where individuals and businesses alike maintain a presence and interact with others. With the review feature on Facebook, all those 2.19 billion users can review your products or services right on their favorite social media platform.

Here’s the interesting part – Facebook will create a profile for your business if it doesn’t already have one so customers can review you. However, it’s better to create your own profile and monitor it than leave it to the wilds of the internet.

YelpYelp is an important review platform

Clocking in at 93.07 million unique visitors in the fourth quarter of 2017, Yelp is no slouch when it comes to the review game. For restaurants especially, Yelp is the place to be as customers review food and service with tenacity. Many people turn to this platform in order to determine where they want to eat and also to judge the service of other local businesses. If you’re a local business, being on Yelp and interacting with your customers might be a good task to put on your to-do-list.


Amazon comes in next with 197 million visits a month. On this platform, customers regularly review and rank products from different companies all the time. People regularly only buy products with a rating of four stars and above and often expect at least 100 customers to review the product before they are willing to trust it.

This platform is especially important for company’s who sells products as opposed to services and can really expand your marketplace if enough positive reviews are left on the products.

Angie’s List

The king, or should we say, queen of the home service reviews, Angie’s List last reported having 5.09 million subscribers in 2016. This trusted and dominating review platform for home service companies is a must for anyone in the home repair/service industry. Customers regularly rate both independent and corporate businesses and can be the determining factor in whether your service thrives or falls flat. Let’s just say you want good reviews and lots of them on this platform.

There you have it! To increase your business and increase trust, positive reviews on the above platforms is a necessity. With Kydos!, you can increase your number of reviews tenfold in no time at all as it sends your customers to review you on your favorite platforms. Let’s launch your business to the stars with Kydos!

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